Pain allows me to see more

Life has its funny way to help us grow. When it is not happening to us, we think people are just whiny talking about it. Sometimes we wonder why these people don't have better things to do in their life. One day, luck may go away, and when we take the stage of an unfortunate event, we realize how painful or how helpless it can be. 

My favorite photos of 2016

As a photographer, when I reviewed my photos in 2016, I could see things that I tried, subjects that I shot the most or editing styles that I experimented. In a way, my work helps me to understand myself more and shows me the progress I achieved. It also helps me to figure out what works and what does not. To continue to improve, I will need to make modifications or to break the pattern I feel comfortable with. 

2016 End of Year Thoughts

It is near the end of 2016, it has been an eventful year! Even though there were plenty of changes in life, time flies, and things happened quickly, like a glimpse of light, faded away before you can get a grip on it.

Shooting RAW on iPhone 7

As you may be aware, with iOS 10 update, some of the newer iPhones are now capable of shooting RAW photos. With my recent upgrade to iPhone 7, I have been eager to find out the best way to shoot RAW my iPhone 7. Therefore, I have been testing several apps in order to find the most ideal way to shoot and edit RAW photos on my iPhone. 

iPhone 7 Camera Review

Since the new 2016 iPhone was announced, the hype has been directed to the iPhone 7 Plus for its dual lens, and portrait mode feature. Although all the reviews on the portrait shooting mode have been positive, I still decided to go with the iPhone 7 during my upgrade.

Goodbye Summer 2016

One of my vacation stops at Rehoboth Beach was particularly relaxing. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! I was able to just breathe in all the goodness by the beach while occasionally playing Pokemon on my phone.