Things I did in Vancouver

Things I did in Vancouver

View from Seawall

As a photographer, I found Vancouver to be a very photogenic city! During my last trip to Vancouver, I didn't have much time to plan, so now I am sorting out the notes from my trip while writing this, and hopefully you will find this insightful and plan your trip better than I did when you visit.

I arrived in the afternoon on my first day. After checking-in to the place I found on Airbnb, I decided to stroll down the street, heading to Stanley Park for a relaxing evening. Leaving the apartment, I took the direction to the Canada Place Convention Centre located at the waterfront area. 

Canada Place Convention Centre

Tap & Barrel - Convention Centre


It proved to be a good decision because the convention centre was a beautiful building and walking along the waterfront area was so refreshing! I ended up spending more time at the Seawall enjoying the view rather than exploring Stanley Park. Even though the Seawall wasn't facing the sun, the sky was still spectacular during sunset and the yachts at the harbor definitely made good pictures!

View at Seawall

Evening at Seawall


On the second day, I woke up early to catch an early shuttle bus to Capilano Suspension Bridge located in North Vancouver. Just in case it gets busy, it is better to catch the free shuttle at Canada Place station since that is the first shuttle pickup spot. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge


When I arrived at Capilano around 8:30 am, there weren't many visitors yet since that's the time they open in summer. Most people head to the suspension bridge first because it is the first thing you see once you enter. I would suggest you turn right and check out the Cliff Walk first and you may get to spend more time there by yourself before it gets crowded on that narrow path. 

Cliffwalk at Capilano

Later in the afternoon, I walked along the coastline at the west side of Vancouver. From there I got to enjoy the beautiful evening view at English Bay Beach and Sunset Beach. Something you don't want to miss is the interesting Inukshuk stone sculpture on the beach!

Burrard Bridge

Sunset Beach with Inukshuk on the far right

Evening at Sunset Beach


On the third day, I spent my morning on Granville Island. You can get there by walking across the bridge or take an Aquabus. There was a big public market on Granville Island, which reminded me the Pike Place Market in Seattle, and even things they were selling there were very similar.

Granville Island Public Market

Making Apple Dessert

Fresh Goose Berries at Public Market


After I took a break in the afternoon, I spent some time in Gastown taking pictures. There was a nice coffee shop, Prado Cafe, where you can have a cup of espresso and have a relaxing afternoon. If you like people watching, or doing street photography, Gastown is definitely a good location because it is full of interesting people. If you have never seen a steam clock, there is a fully functional steam clock in Gastown, which announces each quarter hour and it actually sounds like an old train. 

Prado Cafe

Steam Clock in Gastown

Gastown Street Artist


Later in the afternoon, I went up to Vancouver Lookout Tower for the sunset. It has a 360 degree view of the city and was a great place to admire the beauty of Vancouver architectures! If you like to join the crowd after dark, Robson street is one of the busiest streets in Vancouver, you can find great restaurants and bars along the street!

The Shadow of Vancouver Lookout

Night Scene from Vancouver Lookout


When I was back to Vancouver from my Canadian Rockies' adventure, I stayed at West Point Grey so that I could see a different neighborhood. It was closed to the University of British Columbia and I was so amazed by all the beautiful houses along the Point Grey Road. It is worth to check it out if you happen to be in that neighborhood.

I also visited the VanDusen Botanical Garden that was not too far away. It was a neat place, with many species of plants gathered from all over the world. I imagine it is a good place to visit regardless what season is it. 

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Giant Sequoia

Sculpture at the park


People who like to embrace human body, the Wreck Beach right by UBC could be a good option. It is an clothing optional beach, so expect to see nudity there. I was there one time during the golden hour, I was surprised to see how crowded it was, and people would bring their kids as well! Although 95% of the people there had their clothes on, there were certainly people walking around butt naked! The stairs going down to the beach was a big job! If you planned to visit Wreck Beach, make sure you have the energy to climb back up! My iPhone Health app said I had climbed 20 flights of stairs! 

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