Got a String of Hearts and Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus
The Great Outdoors Nursery is my favorite place for plant haul. They have a beautiful greenhouse that hosts many exotic tropical plants, and they often have new shipment comes in every week. Since joining houseplant Facebook groups, it has been hard not to get new plants, especially when members sharing news on new plants at the nurseries!

String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii)
This morning while I was drinking my morning coffee, I saw someone posted a picture of String of Hearts, and mentioning he got it at The Great Outdoors. Plant lovers probably know how popular this plant is; it is all over the place on Instagram and YouTube videos. I have had two String of Hearts at home, but they have not been doing as well as those you saw on social media. I don't even know if I managed to keep them alive or thrive. Naturally, for a plant hoarder like me, it makes sense to get a third so that I would have backups. When I was in Brussels, they sold it cheaply there, around $6 for a 4-inch pot. In the United States, the price is often sky-high with social media influences. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring some back, since the procedure to bring plants into the US could be quite troublesome.

Got a quick lunch at Poke-Poke, and then headed over to The Great Outdoors to hunt down the String of Hearts. Not only I was able to add the third String of Hearts to my collection, but I also saw the Fishbone Cactus that I have always wanted! Must be my lucky day, to be able to acquire these two beauties! Let's hope I can keep all my String of Hearts alive, and also not to kill my Fishbone Cactus! If you have any useful tips on growing these, please kindly share your secrets!