Plant shopping at Home Depot

Variegated Prayer Plant

After visiting my chiropractor, I thought I would stop by at Home Depot to check out their options for flower pots. Since I have been thinking about converting my plants to semi-hydroponic, I was wondering if they have any planters I could use for experimenting. While couldn't find any suitable pots, I ended up getting a few new house plants from their new shipment arrival rack. I guess this is a general problem as a shopper. You go to the store to get something you need but always end up getting more things that were not on your shopping list.

Most of the time, stores like Lowes and Home Depot are playing catch up with the current trend. If you are a plant lover, you are likely to shop online, or at a local nursery. For the fun of shopping, I do still visit them once a while to check out their plant option. They may not have the most unique and trendy plants you are looking for, they do sometimes have plants that have a very reasonable price tag on them.

One of the plants I purchased was Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana. It's a prayer plant that became quite common these days. Personally, I own one myself, but I hadn't seen a variegated version before. For $4 each, I couldn't pass it up!

I have read and was told many times how finicky a Calathea could be. Besides light and soil, humidity is crucial for keeping this Calathea in good shape. With my summer travel schedule, I couldn't try my hands on Calathea. Now things have slowed down, I really want to have some Calatheas, especially those with beautiful leaf patterns! On the new shipment rack, there were some Calathea Medallions that were fresh and beautiful! The price was reasonable as usual, so I picked one up, and we will see how long I can keep it going!