Plant shopping at Tillery Street Plant Company

This morning, I had to get ready a little earlier instead of enjoying my morning coffee and blogging. The reason for that was, I had to go to a TSA Precheck interview. As a photographer, it's a pain to have to pull out every single camera and electronic while going through airport security. Since I have a work trip to New York City coming up in October, I thought it may be a good idea to get TSA Precheck to avoid the hassle!

The process at the TSA office went smoothly, so I decided to stop by at Tillery Street Plant Company that was in East Austin. Again, I had seen posts on Facebook groups about plants option at Tillery multiple times, so I wanted to check them out myself. Previously when I was there, I didn't even notice they have a greenhouse, and I was surprised to see all the great plants there.

Philodendron Brandtianum
I knew it was worth my time to detour when I saw the Philodendron Brandtianum that I had wanted to get. The plant has heart-shaped green leaves with silver-gray mottling patterns. It reminded me a lot about Schindapsus, which has a similar leaf pattern but with thicker leaves. I converted it to semi hydro using an inner orchid pot and a coated terracotta planter from Ikea.

Pilea Gauca (Aquamarine Pilea)
While I thought I got what I went for, I turned around and saw this Pilea Glauca hanging up high on the rack. It was about 4 feet long, and I knew it's going to look amazing in any space I put it. Pilea is not a plant species that I am confident in growing. Tried a few times, and I couldn't get the soil and water right. Perhaps, it was also possible that the leaves were burned because of to too much light. Let's hope I have better luck this time, and we will see how long it can grow!