Saturday plant shopping at Barton Creek Nursery

Giant Hope Philodendron at Barton Creek Nursery Beautiful fish pond at Barton Creek Nursery
Tasty beef at Loro restaurant
It has been a productive Saturday! Waking up at 8 am, and then went out to the arcade to do a mini photoshoot. Once I finished the shoot, I headed over to Loro for lunch. The food was excellent as usual, and I loved how flavorful their food was!

Since I was already down south, I thought I would go check out Barton Creek Nursery. Before hearing it on the Facebook group, I didn't even know about this place! I guess the houseplant community in Austin is really growing!

That place was huge! Although they didn't have a greenhouse, they did have a corner that was full of the indoor houseplant. The selection wasn't the greatest, but they did have some cute plants that I wanted. The vibes were great, and it was undoubtedly a charming nursery for plant lovers.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there. I wanted that pink Syngonium, but I needed to run errands, and I don't think Syngonium can survive in the car under Texas heat.
Strawberry Cream Syngonium Barton Creek Nursery Syngonium Pitcher Plant Plants make people happy Barton Creek Nursery