Started a blog after social media exhaustion

With Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook dominating the world, why do I want to start a blog? Particularly back to Blogger, a platform that started back in 2003! That's more than 15 years ago! Can you believe it? In this digital world, that's like the dinosaur era! I have to admit painfully, this is not my first Blogger blog, and I did come from medieval times!

Since there are plenty of social media options, why don't I focus on them instead of taking a step back? Unfortunately, the social media world isn't as social lately. I am sure you have the experience of posting on Instagram, and it's not showing on your friends' feed. There are rules, algorithms that keep on changing, and up to a point, it is hard to keep up! Majority of the people are chasing fame, finding ways to fight the system, and I no longer find it fun to share on Instagram. The mother company of Instagram, Facebook is even worst. With the feature to hide your friends' posts, the community members are rarely seeing what each other is posting. The divisive political viewpoints have made things worse, and we are not as connected as it appears to be.

Slow down my pace, took a break from social media, I realized I still needed a creative outlet, with more freedom, and fewer restrictions. Considered starting a blog on Squarespace or Wix, but since I wanted to have something less professional and more personal, I decided to go with Blogger. The best thing is, it is FREE! If you are like me, exhausted from all the social media platforms, try starting a blog on Blogger, documenting life, tell your stories! You don't have to feel stuck, and you always have options!

On the side note, here are a couple of pictures from my lunch at Epicerie. Before everyone became a food blogger, I used to like to take photos of my food and share them. Not trying to be famous, but documenting and appreciating little beautiful mundane moments in life!
Chicken Thighs at Epicerie Restaurant
Smoked Salmon Toast at Epecerie Restaurant