The pros and cons of signing up Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass

I like coupons and promotions, but when it comes to movies, I don't usually look for deals before heading to the theater. When I heard of the new Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass that Regal Cinemas created, I was excited. There are a few Regal theaters near my place, and I should be able to watch a few movies every month! Hence I signed up on the first day they announced it! Before you skip this blog and go signing up, I would suggest you think about it first. The subscription is a commitment, and you would have to commit to one full year. It's roughly $240 a year you have to put aside depending on which option you are signing up.
The subscription plan that Cinemas are going for is a good idea to battle the success of online streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. The more people they bring to the theaters, the more money they can make from selling the concessions, or to the least, keeping the business afloat. If the movies are great, there is more chance for the worth of mouth effect and thus more people going to the theater instead of Netflixing at home.

Take Netflix as an example, depend on the subscription plan you chose, you pay it monthly, and you almost never hear from them again. It's simple, and you can focus on enjoying all the good entertainment without having to worry about anything. The Regal Cinemas' subscription plan is the opposite of what is simple. I signed up on the first day on the app, wasn't able to get my ticket. When I showed up at the theater, the employees were able to figure it out on their end. After waited for 20 minutes, they gave up and just let me in to see the movie. The subscription that is available to you depends on which theaters you go to, and you may have to pay more depending on that. Besides, they still charge you the "convenience fee" when you get your "free" ticket on the app. Honestly, it gave me the WTF moment every time I am at the check out screen. The complication doesn't end here; when it comes to 3D and IMAX, you would have to pay extra. The subscription plan they have is not a streamlined experience, and it gives me headaches.

In addition to "unlimited" movies, there are program perks. First one on the list is 10% off all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases. To get this discount, please do remember to have them scan your regular Regal member's QR code, else you are not getting the saving, and they don't remind you that. The rest of the perks are really not worth mentioning.

So, am I happy signing up the Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass? I do like to be able to see the same movie multiple times and see more movies if I have time. However, committing to a full year subscription is not my cup of tea. I understand where they were coming from, but sometimes I travel, and I may not even in the states for a whole month. It's best if they could simplify the subscription plan, take out the convenience fee, and include 3D and IMAX. If they need to increase the price I understand, but please make it simple, and make it easy for your subscribers. I hate having an "unlimited" pass but have to pay extra every time I go see a movie.

To conclusion my opinions, this is the right direction for Regal, but with flaws. I hope our current support will help them figure out a better way to do this. For me, they have one year to finetune the program, or else I may look into other cinemas; I have heard AMC's subscription plan is quite appealing ;-)