Top 10 Ikea recommendations for plant lovers

Lunch at Ikea Cafe
As a plant lover, other than going to the local nurseries, Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop for plants and related accessories. In addition to cute things to buy, the food at Ikea's cafe is pretty decent as well. Every time I visit, I would get the standard meatball plate, the fresh and delicious smoked salmon salad, the moist chocolate cake, and the $1.50 latte. Today, I was there to pick up more Leca for my semi-hydro conversion. Besides shopping, here is the recommended item list that you may be interested in looking at before heading to your nearby Ikea!

1. SATSUMAS Plant stand
SATSUMAS Plant stand

2. ANVÄNDBAR Hanging plant holder
ANVÄNDBAR Macrame Hanging plant holder

3. VÄXER LED plant grow bulb
VÄXER LED plant grow bulb

4. ASKHOLMEN Plant stand
ASKHOLMEN Plant stand

5. ODLA Growing media, clay pellets
ODLA Growing media, clay pellets

6. GRADVIS Plant pot
GRADVIS Plant pot

7. BRYTÄRT Plant pot
BRYTÄRT Plant pot

8. VATTENKRASSE Watering can

9. BEGÅVNING Glass dome with base
BEGÅVNING Glass dome with base

10. STILREN Vase