Created a Monstera Deliciosa plant design

Finding balance in life is challenging. I love photography, and recently, I have been focusing on my portrait business. Deep down, I miss drawing and painting, even though I am very passionate about my photography work. They said, "play hard, work hard," so even when I was taking breaks to watch some Netflix shows; I couldn't stop working. I guess when you genuinely enjoy your work, taking break sounds like a waste of time.
Monstera Deliciosa Sketch and Painting

While watching Mind Hunter, I sketched and finished this painting on my iPad Pro featuring one of my favorite houseplants, Monstera Deliciosa! As a plant lover, I have wanted to get some plant design t-shirts, and I thought, why don't I design one myself? It took me a few evenings to complete the painting, and I really enjoyed the process. Here are examples of how it looks on some household items and accessories. What should I draw next?
Monstera Deliciosa Long Sleeve T-shirt

Monstera Deliciosa Throw Blanket

Monstera Deliciosa Design Tote Bag

Monstera Deliciosa Design Water Bottle