Enjoy some colors from these beautiful Oregon roses

Hybrid pink roses Grande Dame are blooming
Summer has been hot in Texas! Sometimes I went out and came back with headaches. Under the scorching sun, many plants are suffering in my garden. Even my cactuses were so dehydrated that they started to flop over. I do miss the spring flowers and all their beautiful colors.
Beautifully Blooming Dynasty Rose
To compensate for my summer blue, I have been editing flower pictures that I took when in Oregon. When I was in college, I remember people telling me how cliche it was to photograph flowers. I understand that unless I had a unique lighting setup, the images wouldn't be as exciting as other subjects. Till this day though, I still like to photograph plants and flowers. Yes, sometimes I am that basic, cliche photographer. I can't help myself, and I don't care what other people think. People are too busy on social media these days that they will soon forget about my flower pictures if they didn't like it.
Blooming Strike It Rich Yellow Rose
Life could be short and unpredictable. I enjoyed photographing these roses, and I hope they brighten up your day!
White rose in the blue morning

Lovely Moondance white roses are blooming

Beautiful Grande Dame hybrid rose

Timeless red rose