First impression of my new iPhone 11 Pro cameras


Apple's iPhones are finally out! While researching which phone to get, I have read a lot of reviews and videos on YouTube. One thing I noticed was, most reviewers were recommending the iPhone 11, which comes with wide, and ultra-wide cameras. Many of them believed that the 2X lens is not essential, and the iPhone 11 is the best option.

Caladium Caladium

However, I think all that comes down to your personal preference. Personally, when I had my iPhone XS, I used the 2X lens all the time. As a plant lover, the 2X lens allows me to get closer, produce more pleasing images. For sure, the ultra-wide lens is unique, and it creates an interesting perspective when shooting. However, the ultra-wide lens isn't as sharp as the other two lenses, so unless you are on a budget, it may be better to upgrade to iPhone 11 Pro and get more use out of it.

Hoya Kerii Chocolate MintsPitcher Plant

As lately, I have been using my phone images on my blog, I thought upgrading to iPhone 11 Pro would be a good idea since I am already on the iPhone Upgrade Program. After using my new iPhone 11 Pro for a couple of days, I can tell you I definitely am using the 2X lens the most!

Blooming Colorado Sage Succulent Plant

The white balance on the new iPhone Pro is exceptional and true to life. The colors are accurate and not unrealistically vibrant like the competitors or the previous models. I like my photos on the darker side, so other than adjusting the exposure when I shot, these are all straight out of iPhone 11 Pro without editing or filter.

I will continue to shoot more with my new iPhone 11 Pro, so if you are considering getting it too, stay tuned, and you will see more examples!