Friday plant haul at Lowe's Home Improvement

Peperomia Beetle

This week, I have been busy buying plants! Is this a sign of stress? Very likely, since I have trips to plan, photoshoots to do, and endless photo editing. I guess I had spent too much time buying plants and taking care of them, therefore I literally couldn't find time to blog and document the new plants that I purchased.

Dear all other plant lovers, are you going to nurseries multiple times a week to figure out when are they going to have a new shipment comes in? Since Lowe's is close to where I live, I gave myself excuses to show up frequently and pretended like I had things that I needed to get. Mostly I just wanted to check to see if they have new plants. Today at lunch, I didn't have an appetite to eat and decided I would get smoothies at Whole Foods. Shorter lunch hour means I had more time to visit nurseries. However, Friday traffic is horrific in Austin, and I didn't want to drive down to The Great Outdoors, Tillery Street Plant Co., or Shoal Creek nursery. Lowe's seemed to be a proper choice for my lunchtime explore.

There were quite a few plants I liked to get, but I am nervous about buying at big box stores. Sometimes I saw signs of pest infestation when I shopped there, and I would rather be careful than feeling sorry later. This week when shopping at Lowe's, plants that I was interested in were, mini ZZ plant, Sansevieria Samurai, variegated Lucky Bamboo, Peperomia Beetle, and Hoya Chelsea. After checking on them carefully for bugs, I ended up came home with Peperomia Beetle and Hoya Carnosa Chelsea! What did you buy this week?

Hoya Carnosa Chelsea Begonia Rex Dieffenbachia

Variegated Lucky Bamboo Philodendron Hope (Selloum) (Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum) Hoya Carnosa Compacta