Friday Plant Shopping at Tillery Street Plant Company

Greenhouse at Tillery Street Plant Company
They said summer is over, but it is still over 90 degrees in Austin. My camping trip was canceled, which wasn't bad since I have to get ready for my trip to New York next week. Before driving to South Lamar for my haircut appointment, I stopped by at the Tillery Street Plant Co. to check out their new plants and also took some pictures with my new iPhone 11 Pro!
Calathea Pitcher Plant Pilea Peperomioides Bird Nest Anthurium
The greenhouse was beautiful as usual; all the tropical plants were gorgeous. Often time, I wanted to bring everything home, but with a limited number of windows in the house, and my slim wallet, I had to have better self-control. As you can see from these pictures, the selection there was dazzling, and there were some unique plants with big price tags on them. After enjoying some good time browsing in the greenhouse, I picked up a tiny carnivorous plant and a Moonlight Philodendron.
Hoya Philodendron Xanadu Carnivorous Plants Fern
Before heading to the check out counter, I ran into my Instagram plant friends. Seeing her with the last Cissus Bicolor(Javana), I guess I was 5 minutes too late. That plant vibrant and stunning, I could see why it has become one of the trending plants lately.
Philodendron Brazil
Hanging Plants at Tillery Street Plant Co Tillery Street Plant Co. Greenhouse Pilea Glauca
I have wanted to test out the cameras on my iPhone 11 Pro, the nursery was a great place to try out the ultra-wide lens, and the Night Mode while inside the store. The images that came out of this new phone are quite impressive, and I love using my iPhone as my blogging camera!
Planters at Tillery Street Plant Co. Beautiful Vases at Tillery Street Plant Co. Tillery Street Plant Co.
Cute store cat was napping