Thoughts on the Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger Bag

Custom Classic Messenger Bag Custom Classic Messenger Bag
Previously I have talked about how much I loved the Custom Prospect Laptop Backpack I purchased from Timbuk2. During the Labor Day weekend, I decided to order their Custom Classic Messenger Bag with the promotion they had. I had chosen the design and fabric that matched up the custom backpack I got from them. I don't know why I did that, is that a sign of a typical shopaholic?

The custom messenger bag arrived after a week of my order. Just like the previous backpack I got, the messenger looks well made and well put together. However, the messenger bag doesn't have a similar rigid structure the backpack has. It feels flimsy and not as robust as the backpack.

After discussed the bag with my friend, he made a good point by pointing out, maybe because it is a messenger bag and how the bag hangs by your body; the soft structure would be better conform to your body. I guess what he said does make sense, and I have so get used to carrying a camera bag, a more solid bag would be better for protecting my stuff.
Custom Classic Messenger Bag
Since the bag arrived, I had used it a couple of time when I was out. I love the easily adjustable shoulder strap; it helps to position the messenger bag so that the bag felt secure and comfortable. So far, I like using the bag, and I can definitely see myself using it frequently.

Lastly, I like to discuss the price point of this messenger bag. The price is in a similar range to the backpack, but compared to it, the backpack seems to have a more complex structure. On top of that, the messenger bag doesn't come with a shoulder pad for the strap, and I had to pay an extra $20 for it. For the money I spent, I would instead get the backpack if I had to choose. If you do want a messenger bag don't care about custom colors, they often have similar messenger bags on sale for about $50. For that price, they are well worth it!
The inside of the messenger bag