Timbuk2 Custom Prospect Laptop Backpack Review

Timbuk2 Custom Prospect Laptop Backpack
If you haven't heard of Timbuk2, it is a company that started in San Francisco. Now you can find them in most big cities in the United States, and internationally in Toronto, Australia, Tokyo, and Singapore. On my last trip to Portland, I had some free time, so I decided to visit their store at Pearl District. It was a roomy store with employees who were friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed and comfortable to stay and check out the excellent products they had.

After looking at the bags they had, they showed me the customed bags that I could get by choosing different colors and fabric combinations. To be honest, I wasn't planning to buy anything when I stepped into the store. Though, after interacting with the salespersons, I became interested in getting one of their custom bags. The one caught my interest was Timbuk2 Custom Prospect Laptop Backpack. They had a premade sample in-store, and I thought it looked great and the quality was exceptional. With their helped, I ordered my first Timbuk2 custom bag! It was one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I had in years!

My custom Timbuk2 backpack was shipped to me after a week of my purchase. I absolutely love how the custom bag turned out! It looks better than my expectation, and it seems like a bag that will last a long time! One thing I noticed is, the depth of the bag isn't deep, which provides you a slimmer body profile, and looks less bulky. Although it has a roll-top design, you probably won't be able to stuff tons of things in it. It's more like a great day bag that helps you carry day to day stuff when going to work or meeting friends at the coffee shop.

My favorite feature is, the backpack has a rear zip that you can open and access the whole inner space of the bag! I love this feature because I can use it as my camera bag, and quickly pull out my camera even though it wasn't designed for that purpose. On top of that, there are plenty of internal organizers that you can use to organize and store little things. On the outside, you have another roomy compartment to store your notebook, maps, or sunglasses. The reflective taps near the top are also a nice touch that will keep its user safe on the road.

I love the backpack so much that I ordered a Custom Classic Messenger Bag during their Labor Day weekend sales! Timbuks2 has so many exciting products, and I am sure I will be buying more in the future! Let me know if you want to know how my Custom Messenger Bag turned out!