iPhone 11 Pro camera test at New York Botanical Garden

Tropical Plant at New York Botanical Garden
I love plants, I love New York, and I am trying to love my iPhone 11 Pro even though it has been giving me hard times. During my trip to New York City, I thought it would be a great time to test out the cameras on the new iPhone 11 Pro!
Spiral Ginger
Between my photoshoots, I took a train ride up to the Bronx to visit the New York Botanical Garden. The place was huge! I probably should have planned a whole day there, but unfortunately, I only had a couple of hours. Therefore I chose to focus on the beautiful greenhouse since I am in love with tropical plants and houseplant lately.
Touring the greenhouse was an eye-opening experience. The greenhouse hosted many rare plants and mature form of my tropical plants that people love. It was so many, and I wasn't able to find a label on some of them. I do really enjoyed my experience, and it was a great place to put my iPhone 11 Pro cameras to test!
The great thing about having three lenses on my phone is, it's so easy to switch whenever I want. From ultra-wide to close-up, it was so much fun to shoot inside the greenhouse. Although the ultra-wide-angle lens isn't as sharp, it does give you an interesting look when you use it.
Philodendron Painted Lady
I edited these photos on my desktop iMac using Lightroom. Throughout my editing process, I did notice a few things. First of all, the blue is slightly on the magenta side, and I can definitely see some blue tint on the highlight. Shooting in great light, iPhone 11 Pro performs remarkably, but once losing light, I can see the shadow starts to get mushy, and the image quality starts to fall apart. Due to iPhone's advance software manipulation, it does give you images that appear to have great dynamic range, which suffices everyday use for most people.
At the moment, iPhone's native camera app doesn't give you the ability to shoot RAW, and I don't think they will go that route anytime soon. However, I can shoot RAW using the Lightroom Mobile app, so maybe I will do a shoot with it and analyze if shooting RAW truly give me better image quality.