My New York City Trip

The Greenhouse at New York Botanical Garden
It is almost 3 am, and I finally got back from my trip to New York City. Not that I wanted to choose a late-night flight, it wasn't much option since I was using my frequent flyer miles and also had a budget. At least it wasn't busy at the airport, and everything went quickly and smoothly. Coming home was great, but dealing with a few dead plants was hard. My Maidenhair Vine did dry out completely! I will see if the dead plant would bounce back alive! After watering and my plants and took a shower, I had to start transferring photos I took from New York. It took a while, and my mind has gone into Zombie mood, so I probably should continue my blogging tomorrow morning when I have my morning coffee.

The next day
Without much sleep last night didn't provide an excellent start to my morning. I was productive, and did some photo editing, but didn't have time to finish up blogging. After a quick lunch, I had to prepare for an engagement shoot. The shoot took some time, but it went well, and we got some great images!

Let's get back to talking about my New York trip! The reason I went to New York was to do some photoshoots for clients. The truth is, I have always loved New York, and I do try to make a trip there as often as my budget allows. By scheduling some paid shoots, it enables me to visit New York a couple of times every year.

Other than doing photoshoots each day, I tried to meet up with friends and do interesting things. For example, I went to see an off-broadway show, "Little Shop of Horrors." The show featured one of my favorite actors, Jonathan Groff. He was excellent on the Netflix show, "Mind Hunter," and performed as well on stage! The show was funny and entertaining, and I am glad that I decided to see a show I knew nothing before going. Unexpected great things are the best, aren't they?
New York Botanical Garden

On my second day in New York, I had a few hours break, and I took a train up to visit New York Botanical Garden. Since I am so into houseplants, my main focus was on the greenhouse they have. The greenhouse was full of unusual and unique tropical plants. Many of them looked familiar, but I wasn't able to recognize them because most of them were in their mature forms, that was something I don't often see at the nurseries.

The last time I went exploring with my friend Doug was in Tokyo. Now he moved to New York; we decided to meet up and touring around the city. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, had a tasty Ramen for lunch, and met up for a good pasta after my afternoon photoshoot.

Brooklyn Bridge
If I were to have more time, I would want to visit art museums, and maybe visit some local nurseries. Unfortunately, time was running out rather quickly. I had to pack up and leave New York to come back to Austin. I am glad to be home, and I am ready to edit all the pictures I took once I restored my problematic new iPhone 11 Pro!