Taking small steps

Fittonia Pink Crinkle
The Christmas of 2019 was unusually warm, and it was like in Springtime. I have been thinking about taking a trip to New York City in January to celebrate my birthday. Hopefully, the weather in NYC will be warming up as well.

I took a break from blogging to deal like personal events in life. Now we are heading into 2020, and I like to get back into my regular blogging schedule. However, I found myself struggling to put down words, not sure where to start or where to pick it up again.

At this point, there is not much I can do with 2019. It's challenging to sit down to write about what happened in the last 12 months, and it would be too overwhelming emotionally. I need to remind myself not to rush things and take my time.

To end 2019 with some good notes, I like to a moment to appreciate and to remind myself it's not all bad. To start it off, I am glad I wasn't woke up with a nightmare.

Honestly, the best thing in 2019 is, family and friends are mostly doing well. My mom is struggling with her health occasionally, and I acknowledge that it is not avoidable with aging.

As a portrait photographer, I had the opportunity to work with many talented people and created some great work. The quality of my photography work keeps getting better, and I am looking forward to being even better in 2020.

My hobby for houseplant has exploded in 2019. Having over 100 plants could be a little overwhelming sometimes, but I am happy that most of them are thriving.

We don't always share our struggles openly with people around us, and it could be hard to suppress all the emotions and pain. Sometimes, it felt impossible to move forward. 2020 will be here in a few days, let's try taking small steps to heal, and to feel better with life.

2020, be kind, be better, and share your love!
Raven ZZ