My experience on buying plants online

Buying plants at locals is straightforward, but buying plants online could be much more challenging and complicated depending on which website or seller you are purchasing. Last year, I had bought from quite a few well-known websites with mixed experiences. By sharing my experiences with you, and hopefully, it prepares you so that you know what to expect. Also, keep that in mind that my experiences could be varied from others, these are references and may not be what you would encounter.

Steve's Leaves

Steve's Leaves is definitely on top of my list when it comes to buying plants online. They are reliable, and they pack their plants really well with mostly paper material. Steve's Leave's ships their orders on Monday or Tuesday, and my order usually arrive before the weekend. The plants I received from Steve's Leaves often in near perfect condition. I can't say enough good things about them, but you will have to try it yourself to experience their quality service. Before you head over to their website, be aware that plants in stock are limited, you would have more options when they update their inventory on Friday.


I have heard mixed reviews about Hirts. My own shopping experiences with Hirts are generally satisfying. Most of the plants I received were in good condition. Once I received a plant that came too damaged, I contacted them right away with a picture, and they refunded me almost instantly. Hirts update their website frequently, so it's always fun to visit to see what new plants they are carrying. The pricing of their plants is reasonable, and occasionally they have great deals when they make sales.

Gabriella Plants

Gabriella Plants is quite new to the scene, but I have heard a lot of good things about them. I made my first purchase last month, and I am quite happy with the plants I received. The plants they shipped me were in good size, to a point I probably should repot them pretty soon. Even though the shipment looked as if it was well packed, 1/3 of the soils came off the pots, and they were everywhere in the box. If you followed them on Instagram, they would pre-announce their inventory update on Wednesday, and they often have some cool updates. One thing I do want to point out that, although I love the plants they shipped, the shipping cost was the highest among other sellers.

NSE Tropicals

NSE Tropicals is well known and well regarded among the plant community. The website has a fantastic collection of tropical plants, but unfortunately, they are pricey, and they are rarely in stock. The inventory update is somewhat random, and you probably have to follow their Instagram since there's where they announce their inventory update. I have heard that NSE Tropicals is Enid's one-woman show, and she handled everything herself. Therefore, if you have an issue with your order, you may not get a response, and you have to deal with whatever condition of the plant you received. NSE Tropicals does have many rare plants occasionally, so if you want to check off the items on your wish list, you may need to take a risk and try your luck with them.